• May 12,2020

    We can help you to make displays easy – Driving Board

    Welcome to Sinocrystal! Sinocrystal is a custom lcd display manufacturer will provide full solution for your display needs. Driving board is part of the solution is you are looking for. Then why do we need a driving board and who may interested in driving board? For engineering team: Starting with a Driving board provides flexibility during development in the form of a hands-on, working display du...
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  • Dec 19,2019

    LCD Backlight module

    LCD Backlight module 1. Structure of liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD): A. LCD glass substrate: Mainly used to control the display of patterns or text B. Color Filter (CF): Mainly provide red basket green three colors C. Driver IC: The main function is whether each pixel electrode on the control panel is on or off, so that the PC (or TV) image signal can be displayed correctly on the LCD panel. D. ...
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  • Dec 10,2019

    An introduction to OLED display

    What is OLED? OLED full name is Organic Light Emitting Diodes, it is a flat light emitting technology, made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. OLED is an emissive display that do not require a backlight, so it is thinner and more efficient than LCD display which do require backlight. OLED display is not j...
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  • Dec 05,2019

    Application of flexible OLED and OLCD display technology in consumer electronics

    Flexible screens are not just for mobile phones. The display is actually the outermost flat surface of most electronic devices. Flexible screens were primarily used in smartphones, but the latest low-cost, long-life flexible plastic screens have been seamlessly integrated into the design, which has spawned new device types. This article summarizes and compares the two main flexible plastic screens...
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  • Nov 15,2019

    The difference between LCD and OLED

    In display market, now the most popular used is LCD & OLED. What's the difference between LCD Display and OLED Display? Here we would like to make a simple introduce of LCD & OLED. The biggest feature of OLED is that it does not need backlight support, power can self-illuminate, wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption, fast response, wide color gamut, simple process, etc. ...
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  • Oct 24,2019

    OLED Display Technology

    About OLED Technology OLED panels are made from organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied through them. Since OLEDs do not require a backlight and filters (like LCD displays do), they are more efficient, simpler to make, and much thinner - and in fact can be made flexible and even rollable. OLEDs have a great picture quality - brilliant colors, infinite contrast, fast response ...
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  • Sep 16,2019

    Capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen?

    The technology behind the resistive touch panel is pretty straight forward: The panel is made out of a glass screen and a film screen, which are separated by a little gap. Inside the gap, on each screen, there's a film layer which contains electrodes. When the film screen is touched with a finger or any other type of object, it bends. When bending, the two electrode films connect, which generates ...
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